Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Love. Such a loaded word with so much in it, yet something the lack of which can dissolve a person into nothingness.
I have known people who have love in their lives, some who don't as much as they want to and some who are okay with not having it. Here I am referring to the romantic love.

Very often than not, I find the society and people in general feeling pity for the third kind. But I think they are doing alright by themselves and don't need anyone's sympathies, much less their help in finding them love.

What are your thoughts on the third kind? Do you have a friend like that?

Monday, February 24, 2014

A note from Pune

4.13 PM, ECC

It's been a week since I moved to Pune and things aren't rosy. The only good thing so far is the house I found, and the girls in it. They seem very sweet and self-sufficient. Always doing dishes after cooking and keeping to themselves.Most importantly, my house-mate Benny is a Lee Min Ho fan, has Viki app on her phone and needless to say, we bonded over it like crazy. Ankita has the same taste in men like I do except Saif Ali Khan. I don't know why people find it hard to like him. I think he's really good with humourous and super-serious roles. Anyhow, most importantly, Ankita reads. A lot. I can happily borrow from her if I ever feel like reading good fiction.

I gotta keep track of my finances, spending money like water right now. Not that I want to. For the first time in life, I don't feel like spending money, even on myself.

I hope these two months fly by with fruitful results and I get out of this company. I can't wait to get an offer and raise that coveted e-sep.

A view from my friend's flat in Kalyani Nagar. The muddy part is intentional

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My love for Korean dramas

I haven't blogged in a while and I don't even where to start. Umm, let us see, in the past 4 months, I was supposed to top the GRE, get admitted to a wonderful college, raise e-separation in my company and fly to United States and post Patel-type snow pictures . Only I didn't make it. I don't feel bad. I'm just glad that I can take up other things that I felt like doing while GRE-prepping - like learn courses, dust my long-forgotten guitar, backpacking in NE(next year).

But, in spite of my GRE prep, the thing I have been doing continuously is - watching Korean dramas. I know, I know how this sounds, frankly I am not really sure, how I ended up here.

I am still thinking why I like them so much, but it's not really liking, it's a pleasant, brainless way of passing time. All no-brainers. No violence. Rich guy, poor girl, evil moms, the template is the same - just a bit of tweaking here and there, and packaging it nicely each time. Though I have to agree that the making is quite awesome. The original sound tracks, the acting, the clothes (men's especially, I never knew that Men's fashion is so wonderful in Korea), the cars, and everything wooden. Actually I seemed to have grown fond of everything that's Korean. Except Samsung mobiles, maybe. With the exception of Google Nexus. Lol. Most Samsung phones seem harsh on my eyes, there's too much saturation. Though one good thing S3 has it its fonts, S2 fonts are horrid. Anyhow, I am drifting off as usual. 

So, yeah - recounting what I have begun to appreciate ever since I started watching K-dramas. The beautiful, soulful guitar music that every K-drama has, the piggyback rides that the womenfolk get from their menfolk when the former is drunk, sick, or just feeling plain romantic, the food - ramyun, blackbean paste noodles, kimchi, pickled radish, I am just waiting for some Korean to come and open an authentic Korean restaurant here in Hyderabad - the food looks really delicious, clothes - it goes without saying how beautiful the girls' clothes are, but what caught and kept my attention is the fabulous line of men's clothes, I mean Holy Mother of God - I couldn't watch some English serials later, without thinking how drab and routine their suits look.And the language - though it seemed weird in the beginning, I have grown fond of it and somehow worked it into my language so much that I successfully infected my friends who now utter Korean phrases like Sarang Hae* and Kumao^ at the drop of a hat :-)

Talking of Asian dramas, I have also come to love Japanese dramas and of course, I've always loved the anime and Manga. Though they also have the same theme. Rich guy, poor girl, interfering parents. :-\

I'm surprised that I sit down to write Hobbit's review and this is what I type. Funny how my mind works! 

Favourite K-dramas : Boys over flowers, I Hear Your Voice
Favourite J-drama : Last Cinderella

I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs from I hear your voice. 

* I love you
^ Thank you

Friday, July 19, 2013

Little things you do.....

In this 26 years of my life, I met many people, saw many things, and learnt a lot of stuff. 

But I learnt most important life lessons from my parents, more specifically - my Pappa. 

He's always been a hero for me, the closest I found to an ideal father, in turn an ideal person. Anyhow, I digress. When I was very little, me, my loony sister and my Dad used to do a lot of gardening. During one such adventure - a worm crawled onto my father's leg. Once we noticed this, me and the Loony started shrieking like buffoons. Scared that we're on the way to join the Drama Queen Brigade once we grow up, Pappa calmed us down and showed how it was just a harmless insect. Inquisitive as all kids were, we tested it and surprisingly, the worm crawled onto our skin and did no harm, albeit a bearable tickling sensation. To this day, when I see girls screaming at cockroaches and other insects, like those poor little things could somehow turn into monstrosities as in Hollywood movies and attack them squealers, I have a good laugh inside my head (yes, I'm evil like that!) and think of my Pappa fondly for his lesson.

On weekends, the crazy three, Loony, Pappa and me would go out and take a stroll on the main road - Besant road. And, more often than not, we'd come across this silver-painted kid who's supposed to be Gandhi, standing in a statue pose. He was a cute kid of 4,5 years maybe, not really serious about his work as his parents expect him to be. He's always running around and I'd like to remind that he's supposed to be Gandhi's statue. He's a delight to watch though and he's anti-Gandhi in many ways for all the violence he meted out to other children. My father took a certain kind of fondness with this little imp and every time he passed by the kid, he'd toss a chocolate into the mug instead of money. The kid would immediately eat it right in front of us, his face glowing with happiness. On those trips, I learnt how immensely fulfilling it is to bring a smile on needy strangers' faces.

In life, apart from what I learnt, I also learnt what not to do, from a lot of folks. And it is quite a learning experience too! 

Not very long ago, my boss came up to me - eyes glowing with pride, and told me,  how his kid refuses to go in the Wagon R and is demanding for a Merc, or at least a Skoda. The kid is 4. And, he doesn't like to be ferried in a small car. I was baffled. I know what my kids are going to take - the school bus, yes, that's what made their Mom half the woman she is now, it will build their character. I'm not against kids ferried to schools in costly beasts, it's just that they should do something to earn it, being a wealthy kid just doesn't cut it.

Good or bad, one sees a lot of things. And, one learns everyday.....

I am sharing what 'I Saw and I Learnt' at "The Best Community of Indian Bloggers - Blogadda" in association with "Do Right! " 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oka Prema Katha Chithram - Movie Review

I stopped watching Telugu movies.

Because, they are so predictable.

One hero whose magnanimity is incredibly larger-than-life, two heroines (mostly) whose only job is to look pretty and fall for roadside-romeo-ish heroes without thinking for a second, one faction family/revenge saga backdrop -as applicable, tons of fights that will in all probability make you forget all the physics you ever knew and that will always end with hero beating the shit of gazillion gangsters who patiently wait their turn to get ass-kicked, six songs including an item song where all the men (hero, villain and all) get to salivate openly and grab the item girl while she croons to sleaziest lyrics, even the lyricist wouldn't dare to share with his mom or wife - that's Telugu movies these days, throw in a good amount of promotions for audio release and other related crap.

Then someone said "Leave about big-budget, big-hero movies, watch this new director do his magic for the second time."

Having missed his much-touted, first movie Ee rojullo,  I decided to watch this one and see what he has to say. 

Verdict : Disappointing.

Comedy : Mediocre. Nothing as wonderful as it's hyped to be. I found people rolling in their seats, laughing -  honestly, I found this hilarious than the movie's actual humour.

Acting : Hero - still needs to work on his diction. Heroine - good. Accompanying actors/comedians - people say they were amazing, I found them over-the-top trying to act funny.

Music : Passable

Plot : Okay-ish. Predictable, none-the-less. I personally hate the part where the side actor says "For a girl, hugging a guy is equal to losing her virginity". Say what? How stupid! Apparently, girls should hug only those guys who they are in love with. What kind of narrow-minded pricks are dishing out such nasty dialogues? I found far worse things in the director's first movie and I only feel pity for him for meeting only these kind of women. Or maybe he was too close-minded to notice others.

Whatever, Mr. Maruti clearly had no proper female friends. Sad!

His movies  may become hits, because that's the kind of chauvinistic world we live in, one such dialogue and the theater is filled with whistles. If a girl hugs someone other than her love/father/brother, does it mean that she is impure? What Age is Maruti from? Stone Age? This kind of shit is doled out and some young, impressionable minds might even start believing it. Making a movie on a budget maybe an awesome thing to achieve, producers and actors may dig it, having an average comedy track is equally awesome too, but all his movies having such absurd, chauvinistic crap is really ugly.

Mr.Maruti, whatever floats your boat!